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Florida Department of Corrections is the country’s third largest prison system and is the state’s largest state agency. There are approximately 96,000 inmates currently incarcerated in different jails administered by Florida Department of Corrections. Other than that FDC supervises more than 166,000 offenders within the community. All this is done by nearly 24000 employs of FDC, it is pertinent to mention that more than 80% of staff is certified probation officers or correctional officers.

In Florida State inmates are kept in different federal and state prisons. Other prisons includes respective county, city, police and military prisons.

The Florida Department of Corrections maintains the record of all inmates serving their sentence in Florida state prisons. Any body can easily search the inmates present in FL state prisons through the record maintained by FLDOC.

The inmates serving in federal prisons located within the territory of Florida state is maintained by Federal Bureau of Prisons and can be searched easily through BOP website managed by Federal BOP.

The FDC is committed to achieve its goals that is to provide inmate talent development, inmate/offender rehabilitation programs, to promote communications, and to provide healthy environment. These goals can be easily achieve through core values of FDC that includes safety, accountability, fairness, integrity, and innovation.

Florida State Jails

The Florida State currently take the inmates to different jails. The record of inmate data is maintained and organised in form of database by the respective jail department. Here is the list of different jail types operated within Florida boundaries.

Top Crimes in Florida State

As per official records, the Florida state has arrest rate of 35 criminals per 1000 people. The national average arrest rate is 36 criminals per 1000 people. So arrest rate of Florida state is lower than the national arrest rate.

The list of most committed crimes in Florida state are given below with number of times the crime is reported.

Crime CategoryAmount
Drug Abuse Violations114550
Property Crimes102639
Other Assults76450
Larceny Theft76139
Violent Crimes35807
Aggravated Assault26897
Liquor Laws14280
Motor Vehicle Theft8211

Florida Department of Corrections Inmate Search

Florida State Prison Insight
AuthorityFlorida Department of Corrections (DOC)
Florida State Prison Inmate Searchwww.dc.state.fl.us
Phone(850) 488-5021
Address501 South Calhoun Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-2500

FLDOC Inmate Lookup

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fill the inmate search form

Enter all relevant Inmate Details

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Click Search Button and Get ResultClick Search Button and Get Result

The Florida Department of Corrections provides an easy online method to search the inmate who are incarcerated within the limits of Florida. To lookup any inmate data you need to visit the official FLDOC Inmate Lookup page. Here is the link.

florida doc

The FLDOC Corrections Offender Network page will load where you can search the inmate either through last name or first name or through DC number.

Then click on ‘Submit Request’. The Offender Information Search will load all the inmates matching the first or last name. Each page contains maximum of 20 results.

To get the accurate result you must enter the inmate DC number. If you don’t know the dc number then you can search from first or last number. Then you have to identify and select the desired inmate data.

Florida Inmate Locator Search By Jail Type

County JailCity JailPolice Department JailRe-Entry & Treatment PlantRegional FacilityState PrisonPrivate FacilityFederal BOP Reentry & Treatment FacilityFederal Board of PrisonsState prison AdministrationMilitary Prison
County Center

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