Kentucky Department of Corrections Inmate Search

In Kentucky State inmates are kept in federal prisons and in Kentucky state prisons. Other prisons includes respective county, city, police and military prisons.

The Kentucky Department of Corrections maintains the record of all inmates serving their sentence in Kentucky state prisons. Any body can easily search the inmates present in KY state prisons through the record maintained by Kentucky DOC.

The inmates serving in federal prisons located within the territory of Kentucky state is maintained by Federal Bureau of Prisons and can be searched easily through BOP website managed by Federal BOP.

Other than federal and state prison Kentucky state also have county jail, city jail, police department jail, re-entry & treatment facility, regional facility, state prison, private facility, federal BOP reentry & treatment facility, county jail administration, state prison administration, military prison, US bureau of indian affairs (BIA). The inmate database is maintained by respective jail department.

Kentucky State Jails

The Kentucky State currently take the inmates to different jails. The inmate database is maintained by respective jail department.

Top Crimes in Kentucky State

As per official records, the Kentucky state has arrest rate of 48 criminals per 1000 people. The national average arrest rate is 36 criminals per 1000 people. So arrest rate of Kentucky state is higher than the national arrest rate.

The list of most committed crimes in Kentucky state are given below with number of times the crime is reported.

Crime CategoryAmount
Drug Abuse Violations23308
Property Crimes18219
Larceny Theft14286
Other Assults11703
Offenses Against Family And Children4547
Disorderly Conduct4095
Violent Crimes3487

Kentucky Department of Corrections Inmate Search

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