Afton Police Jail Inmate Search and Prison Details

Afton Police Jail is operated under supervision of Wyoming Department of Corrections and it is a Police Department Jail of Wyoming state. The complete address of Afton Police Jail is 416 North Washington Street, Afton City, Lincoln County, Wyoming State, USA having postal code of 83110.

This facility is for adult (18+ years of age). The sentence duration in Afton Police Jail facility varies from less than a year and majority of inmates kept in Afton Police Jail are convicted from minor nature crimes.

Afton Police Jail Prison Details

Facility NameAfton Police Jail
Facility TypePolice Department Jail
Address416 North Washington Street, Afton City,Lincoln County, Wyoming USA. 83110
Phone(307) 885-3141
Mailing Address416 North Washington Street, Afton City,Lincoln County, Wyoming USA. 83110
Sentence Durationless than a year
Crime NatureMinor Nature Crimes

Afton Police Jail Inmate Search

To lookup details of inmate currently serving their sentence in Afton Police Jail facility managed by Wyoming Department of Corrections, you need to visit the official WDOC Inmate Lookup page here.

Once the WDOC search page is load, enter the inmate details like inmate’s first and last name, age, date of birth, sex/gender in the respective location, then click on search button.

All the inmates matching the details provided above will be shown in search result. Provide as much details as possible to get the most precise results.

Alternative Method to Search Inmate

You can also search the inmates incarcerated in Afton Police Jail by visiting the weblink provided in ‘Afton Police Jail Prison Details Table’. If you still not able to locate the inmate then you can get the assistance by contacting the Afton Police Jail representative through phone call at (307) 885-3141 to get the details about the inmate.

There may be a chance that the inmate you are searching is not in Wyoming State. If this is the case then you can go on home page of InmateLocatorSearch and search on different or appropriate State.

Sending a Mail/Package

You can send mail or package to the your loved one currently incarcerated in Afton Police Jail to following address.

416 North Washington Street, Afton City, Lincoln County, USA. Postal Code: 83110

Keep in mind you cannot send any of the following things to inmates in Afton Police Jail:

  • Any kind of weapon
  • Any kind of escape plan from prisons like blueprints
  • Any kind of drugs
  • Any incite violence material.
  • Any sexuality material

You can send any of the following allowed items to your loved one incarcerated in Afton Police Jail:

  • Pictures
  • Letters or Postcards
  • Pre approved packages
  • Clothes + Shoes
  • Food + Snacks
  • Hygiene Products

Sending Money

You can send money to the inmate incarcerated in Afton Police Jail, as it has many benefits and it can provide some relief to your loved one. The money will be deposit in an inmate account which is in the Inmate Trust Fund. It’s like the bank account of the prisoners. There is a prison commissary in every prison which is in simple words a store where inmates can purchase items through inmate account (which is in the Inmate Trust Fund).

You can send money to inmates incarcerated in Afton Police Jail electronically through check or money order. Other than that while visiting our loved one in Afton Police Jail, you can deposit cash on inmate’s account at Afton Police Jail administrative office.

Please provide complete inmate details such as correct inmate name and inmate ID while sending money.

Phone calls

Inmates can call to their loved ones from Afton Police Jail phone service by using available credit from their inmate account from Inmate Trust Fund. You can also call your loved ones but that is more expensive. For more details you can contact the Afton Police Jail administration by phone. Other than that there are some companies providing these services on cheap rate as well.

Visitation Rules

If you are planning to visit your loved one in Afton Police Jail, then first confirm that you are in visitation list approved by the inmate, otherwise you will not allow to visit the inmate. You can confirm about yourself enlisted in approved  visitation list by contacting Afton Police Jail representative through call.

Other than that you must not have a felony crime record. You must have valid and up to date government ID. The visitors of 16 years or lower age can visit along with their guardians only. These are some points you must kept in your mind while planning to visit your loved one in Afton Police Jail facility.

While visiting Afton Police Jail you have keep few things in mind (listed below)

Dress Code

While visiting Afton Police Jail you have to abide by the dress code given on official website. As a general rule of thumb the dress that is appropriate for an open gathering is acceptable. On contrast the provocative or revealing clothes may considered as inappropriate to wear while visiting your inmate. Although you have to see the website of Afton Police Jail to get the complete list of prohibited dressing but in general the following clothing items are not permitted:

  • Backless Tops
  • Bathing Suits
  • Crop Tops
  • Dresses / Skirts with a high-cut split in the back, front, or side
  • Halter Tops
  • Hats/Caps
  • Leotards
  • Low-cut Blouses / Dresses
  • Mini Skirts
  • Revealing Shorts
  • Similar to Inmates clothing (green / khaki military-type)
  • See-through garments
  • Skirts two inches or more above the knee
  • Sleeveless Garments
  • Spandex
General Behavior

Normally many people are visiting their inmates in same meeting room so you should keep your meeting quietly, orderly, and dignifiedly while visiting your inmate at Afton Police Jail. If you misbehave, the visiting room officer can order you to leave the meeting and cancel your visit.

Visiting Timings

Please consult the jail page for the latest visiting timings of Afton Police Jail to avoid any inconvenience.

Monday07:30 am - 09:00 pm
Tuesday07:30 am - 09:00 pm
Wednesday07:30 am - 09:00 pm
Thursday07:30 am - 09:00 pm
Friday07:30 am - 09:00 pm
Saturday07:30 am - 02:30 pm
Sunday07:30 am - 02:30 pm

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